I have a deep love for my people. I dearly love to see my elders, the ladies with the Indian dresses, long braids, and bandannas; and the gray men, some with long braids. Some of them carried on the stories of the old days, of the songs, of the tragedies and of the triumphs.
--David Matheson

by David Matheson

Details and Ordering Information

RED THUNDER is an engrossing saga spanning several generations of a Schi'tsu'umsh family, starting in the early 1700s, before the tribe's widespread contact with European settlers. It recounts a time when the tribe was governed by laws based exclusively on traditional Schi'tsu'umsh teachings and the rules of nature. Set amid the tribe's originally claimed territory, which spans present day Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana, Matheson's narrative faithfully recreates an all but vanished way of life.

David Matheson translates the oral traditions of his forbearers into an inspiring and enlightening story of harmony--man's harmony with the natural world, as well as his quest for peace and unity of purpose with a Higher Power. RED THUNDER endows its readers with new perspectives on qualities and experiences common to all traditions—like courage, love, and family, tragedy, hope, and renewal.

Until now, these stories have been guarded secrets among his tribe, partly from fear and partly from a need to protect what they have left. Matheson feels the time is now right to share his people's history because it is a story so much of the world yearns for; it is a story of faith, courage, and togetherness.

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